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I have a pitbull and his ears have had quite a lot of trouble. If its rainy or wet, his ear problems flare up. if it's cold or summer or winter, he would have steady ear problems, ear yeast infection and ear mites often too. He likes to play with other dogs and so many times his ears were so sore that it would hurt him when other dogs tried to engage in play. We visit the dog park often and his ears were always a problem. I always had to watch out for the other dogs, they like to tug on each others ears at the dog park. They romp, wrestle and play and my dog loves that too, except for his ears. His ears hurt so when his ear infections flare up he was kind of sad at the park too and avoided interaction like normal.
We have tried many other dog ear treatments and been prescribed antibiotics, allergy pills, ear drops, pills, etc.
Most of the time the dogs ear problems would clear up but before long the dogs ear infection flare up again.
Since using this ear oil treatment I have noticed that his ears are not sore and no longer red. Before, to clean his ears or treat his ears he would run away from treatments. Trying to wipe them out he would cry in pain and many times I could hear him grind his teeth. I did everything but nothing worked, at least not for more than a little while. Now it's been a few months since starting these ear treatments for dogs sore red ears. They have not been red or sore like that since we started using this natural ear infection remedy. It is a surprise, nice because he can play with the other dogs freely now and it's no problem for me to wipe out his ears after treatments.  It's a dog ear treatment that he seems to enjoy getting, he no longer runs away. In fact, he comes to me to get it done. Amazing really.
Using it regularly now a couple of times a week and it is great how it's working for my dogs ear problems.
Seems we don't have dog ear problems anymore.  Me and the Dog are happy with that and we'll be using this from now on, I don't think we're going to need anything else again. I will be surprised if we need anything else because it's been a while now to use this and seems to be keeping everything the way it should be with my dogs ears. Thanks to Dr Dogs Ear Oil.

Anyone that has a dog with problem ears should give this ear oil a try.
It is very potent, it is all natural and it gets the job DONE!

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