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Dr Dogs Ear Oil Reviews

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Customer Review:
My Cocker Spaniel, Sniffers, has had a very nasty ear infection for over three years.  I've spent literally hundreds and hundreds of dollars on treatments and vet bills, to no avail.  His ears were constantly oozing thick, foul smelling discharge and he was in constant discomfort.  I ordered some of your ear oil in desperation
and VOILA!  His ear infection is gone!  No more oozing!  No more foul stench!  No more rubbing his ears on everything! 
Sniffers and I can't thank you enough!

Debbie D
Shady Hills, FL

Customer Review:
My dog has had more ear infection problems than I can write about here. Lots of visits to the vets, lots of meds, lots of ear infection drops, allergy pills and you name it. It would clear up but always came back and I was searching for a new way to treat the dogs ear infection problems.  Knowing that there are powerful herbs in this universe I decided to give this ear oil a try. So sick of the dogs ear problems I would just about try anything, so I tried this ear oil.
To start with, my dogs ears had some kind of ear yeast infection. Lots of brown sticky goo and lots of dried hard stuff in his ears. His
hears crackled from the ear infection and the ears were red and obviously sore. I needed to try something different and hoped it would be the right something to take care of my dogs ears.
My dog is so sick of taking pills and getting ear drops for ear infections and I was sick of giving him all that stuff too, and for what, the ear infections were always back a few weeks later. So we would just start all over again. Crackling ears, pain and on the meds.
Now I tried the ear oil.
This particular night my dogs ears were really hurting him. They were so red and really in bad condition, his ears were in pain and I felt so bad for him. I warmed the formula as directed and had the dog lay on his side. When I put that ear oil in he had the strangest look on his face that I have never seen before that time. It was an expression of relief, like oh thank you thank you thank you. It was so obvious that he liked it and quite a surprise to me. He didn't try to get up and race around trying to wipe it off. He continued to lay there while I cleaned his ears with a tissue. Lots of junk came out of his ears right then and there and I know it made his ears feel better immediately.
That night, he didn't wimper or cry or whine. he rested well without any discomfort in his ears whatsoever - THANK YOU!

Peggy J
Los Angeles, CA

Customer Review:
Today I took my dog for a walk thru a little canyon area. It was so much fun for him, he's an old dog and he enjoyed the time out walking and getting some fresh air.  We walked down and around step stones and had quite a little hiking experience.
My dog was excited to be off leash and he went off in a different direction. He didn't pay attention to where I was headed as he was very busy sniffing everything in site (and there was plenty).  When he finished sniffing and exploring he looked up and didn't notice where I was. I called for him. Although he was very close to me, he couldn't hear me. I shouted his name and still he couldn't hear me. He panicked. I could see him because I was very close, he just didn't see me, although he was looking all around, he needed to just look UP for a second. He didn't do it and then he started to whine and cry, where did I go? I continued calling for him but realized he just couldn't hear me period. Very sad.  I ran back down the little hill and made some bushes move so he could see I was right there.
What's the point and what does this have to do with my customer experience with dr dogs ear oil and how dr dogs ear oil works??
My dog cannot hear today. He has suffered years on ear yeast infections and occasional ear
mite problems. I never let them go untreated and have a stack of vet bills to show for our trips to get treatment for dogs ear infections. The ear infection problems for my dog were overwhelming really. It would no more than go away and it would be right back again. Years of this repeating itself have robbed my dog of his hearing. I am very sad that he can't hear anymore.
Recently I started to use dr dogs ear oil in his ears.  When I tried it for the first time I did warm it up and then put the treatment in the dogs ears. He didn't even try to get away. It was different experience for his ears I think he felt this ear infection remedy to be different than others we've tried in the past. Anyway, I could see something different too. His ears looked better the very next day, they weren't so red as before and it has been helping since the first time we tried,
Haven't had to go back to the vet for prescription ear drops in months now so thanks for that but moreover, we are thankful to be naturally treating dog ear infections - he doesn't have the ear aches like before - so much better now.

David B
Phoenix, AZ

  - Dr Dogs Ear Oil
Dr Dogs Ear Oil Reviews

Natural remedy to get rid of ear mites -
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Customer Review:
I have a pitbull and his ears have had quite a lot of trouble. If its rainy or wet, his ear problems flare up. if it's cold or summer or winter, he would have steady ear problems, ear yeast infection and ear mites often too. He likes to play with other dogs and so many times his ears were so sore that it would hurt him when other dogs tried to engage in play. We visit the dog park often and his ears were always a problem. I always had to watch out for the other dogs, they like to tug on each others ears at the dog park. They romp, wrestle and play and my dog loves that too, except for his ears. His ears hurt so when his ear infections flare up he was kind of sad at the park too and avoided interaction like normal.
We have tried many other dog ear treatments and been prescribed antibiotics, allergy pills, ear drops, pills, etc.
Most of the time the dogs ear problems would clear up but before long the dogs ear infection flare up again.
Since using this ear oil treatment I have noticed that his ears are not sore and no longer red. Before, to clean his ears or treat his ears he would run away

Anyone that has a dog with problem ears should give this ear oil a try.
It is very potent, it is all natural and it gets the job DONE!

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