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Dog Ear Infection

Ear infections in dogs are by far one of the most common dog health issues and they can cause great distress to dogs and their owners.

Dog ear infection is one of the top reasons for visits to veterinary clinics, second only to vaccination requirements.

Most of the time it is easy to tell if your dog has an ear infection.

Some of the symptoms of dog ear infections will cause the dogs ears to ache and they will let you know with a few signs like:
-Shaking their head
-Rubbing the ears on things
-Excessive paw licking

If you have a look in the dogs ears you may notice:
-Some sticky or gooey substance in the ears
- The dogs ears are red, sore and tender to the touch
-The dogs ears may be swollen

Dog ear infection doesn't just go away on it's own.
Some type of medication for ear infections in dogs will be needed.

Dog ear infection treatment may include:
-Oral antibiotics
-Antibiotic ear drops for dogs

Left untreated, dog ear infections get worse and can cause more serious problems. When the dog keeps shaking its head it can cause blood vessels to break which can create hematoma in the ear. This is like a big blood blister and often requires expensive surgery. After the surgery, the ear is usually a little deformed and wrinkled up which is referred to as cauliflower ear. With older dogs or dogs that have some other health issue, surgery may not be possible and in that case the wrinkly deformation will be more obvious.

When a dog has an ear infection it is likely to have some hearing problems. When the dogs ears are infected it may not hear well and when ear drops for dogs are administered the dog can't hear as well - or at all in some cases.  Usually once the dogs ear infection is taken care of the ability to hear will return again but in some cases, especially recurring or chronic ear infections in dogs may cause the dog to lose its hearing entirely.  Deafness in dogs can absolutely be caused by ear infections and in fact it can be caused also as a side effect from some prescription ear drops for dogs.  For this reason, care should be taken when getting ear medication for treating dog ear infections.

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Dog Ear Infection
Dog Ear Yeast Infection? Dog Ear Infection From Ear Mites?
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Dog Ear Infection Medication
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Dog Ear Infection
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